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TheySee – Conversations

16th – 17th December 2017, 10 am to 10 pm

“Conversations” by TheySee, a day dedicated to the “Creatives” across all disciplines, a singular plane to discover, collaborate and create.

“Conversations” by TheySee, is here to support you, the creative you, encourage you and celebrate you.

We are a community of people driven by purpose and passion , confident that each of us will inspire the next. We intend to be the change in neighbourhoods, one step at a time. Let us grow the power of the “Community.” Initiate, learn and explore through human interactions.

On 18th November, we invite you to join us for an all day session to learn more about TheySee, and interesting conversations with other creative folks in our city.

We wish to know the creative community a little better, receive your inputs on potential future events, and community driven partnerships in Pune.


We begin at 10am with a brief talk that shares the vision, thoughts and the way forward for TheySee, followed by social-creative discussions and networking.

Our agenda includes tête-à-tête with artists, authors, & popular creatives from different disciplines.

We have four conversations to introduce luminaries who have created platforms to offer unique experiences for artists & the community.

Throughout the day, we welcome hobbyists and creatives to setup pop-up workshops to educate the community of their skills. You can occupy a few seats, bring your audience and pull in the moving crowd.

Technology is the driving force of TheySee, and we offer a pilot “Gifamp” exhibition. If you haven’t had the experience of viewing a living photo, an innovative selfie booth and share a living memory, please do join us.

Next on showcase, is a frictionless experience to discover content at the art gallery. On display we have 6 young artists, each a master of their own art styles.

We offer you an opportunity to participate in an impromptu discussion with these artists, discover their story and learn from their experiences.

The evening is loaded with unplugged music by a musician who loves to sail and surf the new tunes.

Silence is a must when you tune-in, post which we encourage you to make new partners, friends and discover creatives around you!