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Unspoken Agreements – Ashwini Gawde

TheySee is proud to Present an Author who has just stepped into the world of writing with her first Book. Her work will be displayed in the Ongoing Exhibit ‘Cover Story’.

Book : Unspoken Agreements: A journey towards your Inner Light

Author : Ashwini Gawde

Artist : Ashwini Gawde

About Author & Artist

Ashwini Gawde is a certified NLP trainer and had the opportunity to learn closely about human behavior and the basic tendencies. Her book “Unspoken Agreements: A Journey towards your Inner Light” has helped her transform and be free . No lesson in life comes from others mistake, it’s your own that teach and give you the best experiences. This is particular lesson/ awareness that came into Ashwini’s life was based on a few experiences that she faced herself. Needless to say her inspiration for her novel is the same.  

In this guide to living a happier life, she shares how to overcome bad experiences that happened in the past, change negative emotions into positive emotions, forgive individuals including oneself and how to deal with the anxiety of the future by living in the present.

“We live our life almost in the default mode and our attention is drawn to it only when we encounter some problems and start looking for solutions,” says Ashwini. “In my book, I have attended to draw the reader’s attention towards intricacies in life and make appropriate changes and not wait for any crisis which would compel them to do so” she adds.

The most impressive part here is that Ashwini is the artist as well for her novel jacket. Needless to mention that Her inspiration for the cover is the same as her novel. The cover portrays the concept of how light can always banish all the darkness/fear from our lives.

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