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Zero Debt – Neeraj Deginal

TheySee is proud to present an author whose life situation turned into words for his books. His work will be displayed in the ongoing exhibit – ‘Cover Story’

Book : Zero Debt- Break the debt cycle & reclaim your life.

Author: Neeraj Deginal.

Artist: Rachmad Ridwan.


About Author & Book:

The book is based on the Neeraj’s journey about rising and being debt free after ten long years of being neck deep into debt. Neeraj gives an insight to how he got into debt to an extent of making even his day to day life complicated. His book highlights his process of rising one step at a time by analyzing the situation rationally even when he faced the given challenges. He aims to reach out to people who are living in debt and give them a better perspective on how to improve their lifestyle and life choices. “The ultimate goal here is to build a better society by inspiring people from my story. By the end of it all what matters is your freedom, be it from debt, emotions or stress” says Neeraj

About Artist :

Rachmand Ridwan is based out of Indonesia.Even though he is not very well know, his artwork for the book makes the cover look more easy going and relate-able.

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