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Art at Theysee


We're not your usual art studio. At least, we aim not to be. We have workshops and sell original art and prints. But we do experimental work of sorts, bits of this or that we find and curate. And, as we know, the road to discovery is sometimes paved with dead animals in space suits. We believe that art is precious, but we're not precious about art. Our workspace is right there in front of the co-working floor and, with the exception of art events like below, we often use it right up until someone needs help.

Art Studio at Theysee


We welcome creatives from all disciplines. Share ideas and discuss them with other creatives. Be inspired and inspire others. Receive and give feedback on projects.

Coworking in Pune Theysee


Develop a symbiotic relationship between community-based shared work spaces and design-centric startups. Breakaway from “startup loneliness” and the pains that often plague startups, solopreneurs, independent contractors, freelancers owners. Make use of our nurturing ecosystem to benefit your skills, team & business reach.


860, Dastur Meher Road
Pune Camp, Pune - 1

+91 85306 50860